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Zhongyi Technology Co., Ltd. is devoted to providing the best and the fastest services for innovation and development of electronic technology, striving to build a world-class PCB, PCBA production supplier. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, the company has formed a global network platform for marketing and technical services, providing quality services to more than three thousand customers around the world. ??????The future goal of Zhongyi Technology Co., Ltd. is to establish the world?s largest platform for rapid manufacturing in the field of PCB sample and small batch production.?An open e-commerce technology service platform has been built and more than one hundred countries around the world can make online ordering, inquiring and paying. Zhongyi Technology Co., Ltd. fully protects the interests of customers by cooperating with the world?s largest online payment platform (Paypal). Zhongyi Technology Co., Ltd. provides personalized one-stop services by creating experienced PCB technical consultants and professional team to form comprehensive solution capability of common core technology in electronics hardware design, combining supporting service ability of multi-products rapid placement. On the basis of PCB manufacturing business platform, a number of high-speed SMT production lines have been input to meet rapid producing of customer sample and small quantities. Inconvenience of multi-party communication, follow-up and coordination in product design, matching processes and producing and procuring management of customers has been eliminated, period of customer development, product sampling and production have been shorten to reduce overall costs through service of seamless connecting customers and one off success rate of customer R & D projects has been improved through professional technical services by taking ?To create the best overall values for the project? as the goal. Website:
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